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Saturday, 28 July 2018

You Should Not Shed Any Tears For Knee Buckling Hereafter

Are you finding it extremely difficult to stand straight or walk properly? Do you get immense pain around the knees and lose the strength of your knees whenever some weight is being placed on them? Have you been experiencing inflammation on your knees often? If you are familiar with any of these, you should understand the fact that you are under the health condition of locking or buckling of knees. Of course, you would be able to withstand it if you are willing to come to Chennai Orthopaedics Center run by Dr Bharani  Kumar Dayanandam. His team comprising of expert medical professionals offer the knee instability treatment in Tamilnadu.   


What is Knee Buckling?

Knee joint is a stable joint aiding to perform many physical activities of varying degrees. It could be jogging, marathon race and even household chores. Unfortunately, some disturbances occur that might end up with the damage of patellar ligament. This may, in turn, affect the overall functioning of knee joints and knee becomes unstable. It is sometimes, considered as a response to put a full stop to further damage as well.


What are the Possible Causes to Knee Buckling?

  • The common injury that may affect the knee includes ACL Tears and Meniscus Tears.
  • Knee arthritis
  • Constant and severe kneecap dislocation
  • Patellofemoral pain syndrome
  • Aging
  • Traumatic causes such as moving the joints in the opposite direction


What are the Signs and Symptoms?

  • Unusual knee swelling
  • Severe pain around the knee
  • Loss of knee strength
  • Popping sound at the time of movement of knees
  • Inability to stand and walk
  • Bulging of the knee



Medication such as NSAIDS could be taken for pain relief.
Knee braces are also used so that the movement can be facilitated easily as your tissues are healing.
If medication and supportive devices do not help treat the condition, surgery has to be done for the restoration of fluid motion of the knee.
Certain exercises can also be followed in addition to the medication taken. Yoga, aerobics, balance and agility training ought to be practiced in order to control the weight and keep the joints and muscles flexible.
Knee buckling is not a very serious health issue. Knowing the causes and seeking knee pain treatment in Chennai from reputed hospitals like Chennai Orthopaedic Center will take away the concern in no time.
Now, are you willing to believe that knee bucking treatment in Chennai is not a misery?   

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