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Friday, 10 November 2017

Get out From Joint Pain And Move Happily Always !!!!!!

Joint pain is seen common nowadays, But effective treatment for joint pain is not seen commonly, there are only a few doctors who provide effective treatment for joint pain, Dr. Bharani  Kumar Dayanandam at Chennai, is one them.He has more than 19 years of experience in his medical field. He provides effective treatment for those suffering from all kind of joint pains in Chennai.

What is a joint pain?

Joint pain is a pain that provides aches, discomfort, and soreness in the body joints such as shoulder, elbow, hips, and knees. It occurs due to any kind of injury or illness that affects ligaments, tendons, or bursa which surrounded the joint area. An injury also affects the bones, cartilage, and ligaments present in the joint area. Dr. Bharani Kumar provides treatment facility for all types of joint pain in Chennai.

What are the causes of joint pain?

The causes of joint pain include

·         Arthritis

·         Gout

·         An injury

·         Inflammation of joints, cushioning pads, or tendon

·         Infectious diseases such as influenza

·         Infection in the joint

·         Overuse of the joints

·         Osteoporosis

·         Cancer

What are the symptoms of joint pain?

The symptoms of joint pain include

·         Swelling of the joint area

·         Redness

·         Tenderness

·         Warmness in the joint area

·         Stiffness

·         Weakness

How is the joint pain diagnosed?

Joint pain is diagnosed by performing a physical examination. Joint damages generally required X-ray to identify the root cause. In certain cases, blood test and sedimentation rate test are also performed to measure the level of inflammation in the body.

What treatments are prescribed to cure joint pain?

Joint pain can be cured by using

·         Simple home treatment

·         Medications

·         Painkillers

·         Physiotherapy (physical therapy)

·         Cortisone injections

·         Pain reducing ointments

·         Surgery

Treatment for joint pain basically depends on the cause of joint pain. Surgery is recommended in the case of severe injury, dislocation of the joint, fracture, or ligament tearing.

What types of complications are associated with joint pain?

Joint pain is occurred due to the problem of normal wear and tear. However, it can also a sign of having an infection or potentially debilitating.

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