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Friday, 21 July 2017

Are you suffering From Foot Injury?

 Foot injuries are very common and normally caused by injury or normal wear and tear. As people get older, normal wear and tear can cause foot problems again and again. Foot problems needs at least 6 weeks to settle. Keeping active is an essential part of the treatment and recovery. Foot injuries can be chronic or acute which often shows its effects gradually through overuse. Foot injuries are categorized into several types.


  •  Foot pain injury
  •  Heel pain
  •  Midfoot pain
  •  Forefoot pain
  •  Under the ball of the foot pain
  • Toe injuries
  • Several skin condition
  •  Acute injuries such as fractures, torn ligament, meniscal tear, dislocation or broken bone
  •  Medical conditions such as arthritis or infections
  • Chronic conditions such as Bruises, osteoarthritis
  • Pulled muscles (strains)
  • Sprains (Injury to joints)

The severity of the Foot injuries can vary from a minor ache to severe, disabling pain. The symptoms of Foot injuries are
  •  Difficulty in walking due to ligament tear or damage
  •  Limping
  •  Unable to stand
  •  Swelling and redness
  •  Not able to extend the foot
Treatment for foot injury treatment
It is very important to have a proper identification and treatment plan for foot injuries to prevent its spread. Basically, the treatment for a foot injury is solely depends on the causes. The treatment of foot injuries needs high skills and a proper training. The treatment for minor Foot injuries only needs self-care measures such as physiotherapy and exercise that help in relieving the pain but some cases may need surgical repair. The treatment of Foot injuries includes medications, physical therapy, injections, and surgery.

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