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Friday, 27 January 2017

Approaches to Knee Deformity Correction

Knee Deformity is a common health issue found in old people. Knee deformity is the result of an abnormal bowing of the joint at the knee. The knee may either bend inwards or outwards, as a result of which the distribution of the body weight becomes uneven inflicting acute pain in the knees. It medically constitutes two different conditions - Valgus alignment and Varus alignment.


The main cause for either of the above conditions to occur is a trauma to the knee joint. Other diseases like arthritis, osteosarcoma, osteomyelitis or sometimes even overweight. when the weight bearing axis of the body running right from the lower end of the spine to the heels of the feet being disrupted causes an abnormality. The knee by bending away from this line, either into or out of this line, destroys the continuity of the axis.

The doctor may use methods like X-rays or CT scan to identify the posture of the knee and check if there is any change to the normal structure of the knee. Sometimes MRI scan also may be used.
The treatment for knee deformities depends on the level of the deformity.  In the earlier stages, an injection of hydrocortisone also might work wonders. But, in the later stages, this injection might cause the damage of the knee joint altogether. In that case, knee replacement surgeries can solve the knee deformities and bring back the patient to normalcy.

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